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We believe that chefs are the heart and soul of the hospitality industry, with the ability to transform customer perceptions of a hotel, bar or restaurant.

About Us

Thai Cusine is becoming one of the worlds’ most sought after, in many parts of the world.

Renowned for its unique taste, variety of dishes and health properties, it’s no wonder, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing cuisines in the restaurant industry.

Retaining that uniqueness, is of course down to the Thai Chef’s, with their vast experience and knowledge.

Sourcing such a chef is what ThaiChefAbroad does best.

We have many qualified Chef personal looking for that opportunity to share their knowledge and skills at your establishment, bringing many a happy smile on your patrons’ faces.

Based in Bangkok, the “Venice of the East”, we are uniquely positioned in finding that Thai Chef for your hotel / restaurant.

Our selection process goes through the following:

Using our large contact base throughout Thailand, our Thai Chef Candidates go through an intense and in-depth interview and selection process. They are evaluated for their skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge in the Thai Cuisine, to best match to your requirements.

They have a stringent personality interview, finding out their goals, international views, Language skills, personality traits, and desires to work in another country.

Finally, they are tested in their culinary skills, emphasizing on the authenticity of the various dishes and the presentation thereof.

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